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Stories as unique as individual cells


CAR-T cell therapy is an individualized approach to treating certain types of cancer. This breakthrough immunotherapy, which is a type of cell and gene therapy, reprograms a patient's own T cells to detect and destroy certain kinds of advanced B-cell blood cancer.

Every person who has undergone CAR-T cell therapy has a story as unique as their individual cells. My-T Heroes: The Stories of CAR-T aims to document these patient experiences. Follow along as patients share how their own T cells were reprogrammed through the CAR-T process.

Liam, CAR-T cell therapy recipient



Building block engineer, master fisherman, and make-believe extraordinaire

The way Liam sees it, his CAR-T cells have been like knights defending his body from cancer.

Steve, CAR-T cell therapy recipient



Father, grandfather, and retired architect

CAR-T cell therapy gave Steve's T cells the blueprint they needed to help tackle his cancer.

Shelby, CAR-T cell therapy recipient

In memoriam

Softball player, college student, and daughter

CAR-T cell therapy helped Shelby get back in the game.

Bobby, CAR-T cell therapy recipient


Veteran, family man, and K9 trainer

CAR-T cell therapy trained Bobby's cells to think like special operations soldiers who needed to find and engage their target: advanced B-cell blood cancer.

Patients should consult their care team to determine if they are eligible for a CAR-T cell therapy. As with all medical treatment, individual results may vary; not all patients will respond to treatment with CAR-T cell therapy. Individuals should work with their care team to monitor their status or treatment, as some who respond initially may relapse over time. CAR-T cell therapy is not available for all cancer types.



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What is CAR-T cell therapy?


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